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Holiday Greece

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Athens, Kolonaki, Greece
Κοινοποίησε την Σελίδα
Αποστολή Μηνύματος Προσθήκη κριτική


Holiday-Greece.gr is a company that handles properties in summer and winter resort areas of Greece,that are offered for short or long vacation and outdoor activities.

Holiday-Greece.gr offers its customers the chance to visit areas in addition to the common tourist destinations, in order to meet places of unparalleled beauty and enjoy many alternative local activities.

Τhe properties that offered by Holiday-Greece.gr are carefully selected to blend in perfectly with the local environment, respect the architecture of the area and enable visitors to integrate with the local habits of each region.

They also offer the opportunity for vacation all year in each season, so that visitors can indulge in many different activities such as sports,sightseeing, alternative tourism, ecotourism, agrotourism, religious, cultural, medical or spa tourism.

The site provides a complete description of the available properties with impressive photos and all the details of the facilities offered. Also,gives comprehensive information for destinations, including highlights and secrets and informs customers as much as possible with further links, attractions, points of interest and activities visitors can take part.


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